11 Bottega Veneta Sandals Alternatives | Affordable Picks

Bottega Veneta Sandals Dupe

Women have always been obsessed with footwear. That’s one sector where there is enough innovation that you get fresh designs every month. The collections keep changing, and the fashion statements keep getting updated. There are so many brands that manufacture trendy footwear. One of the issues with reputed brands in footwear is that they have … Read more

Shein Review | Is It Worth Your Trust?

Shein Reviews

E-commerce stores are all the appeal now, with their compelling narratives and pieces about aesthetics. While choosing the season’s best buys, you may find yourself attracted to many websites for their new launches, but only a few can suffice your heart’s genuine desire. Your need to rummage through different labels of different brands is about … Read more

Can You Tan With A UV Index Of 4? | Harmful?

Can You Tan With A UV Index Of 4

All these days, you have been thinking tanning is about grabbing a towel and sitting in the sun for as long as your heart pleases. But who knew there would be so many rules to it? Yes, this method of satisfying your skin to the eyes is not easy. You have to get a tan … Read more

Can You Still Get Tan With Self Tanner On?

Can You Still Get Tan With Self Tanner On

If you are new to tanning, you will probably need someone to sit down and explain all the spicy deets you need to know before taking the plunge. The question of the hour is, Can You Still Get Tan With Self Tanner On? Yes. But let’s keep something crystal clear, it won’t offer you any … Read more

Can You Tan At 6 PM? | How Is It Possible?

Do you know that most people are unhappy with their appearance? And that they look towards tanning as the solution. Tanning is no longer a teen drama, as even adults embrace this beauty ritual by going out of their way. So, why is tanned skin considered attractive? What is the obsession? You will be happy … Read more

Can You Get A Tan At 5 pm? (Brief Guide)

Can You Get A Tan At 5 pm?

Do you know that people across the globe are making efforts to get a crisp, sun-kissed tan? And there is a time for everything, including a tan on the list! To achieve this standard form of beauty, you may have to limit your exposure and choose the right time of the day, where everything will … Read more

Can You Get Tan Through A Spray Tan? (Guide)

Can You Get Tan Through A Spray Tan?

Fake tans have been knocking the ball out of the park with promising effects that will make you forget the beaches. Beauty standards have been evolving, and there are a lot of dos and donts when it comes to tanning. And trust me, the results do not look good if you have neglected all the … Read more

Can You Shave Your Legs After A Spray Tan? (Guide)

Can You Shave Your Legs After A Spray Tan

All the tan talk and the term ‘spray tan’ not coming up is impossible. So, what exactly is a spray tan? Beauty lovers will know this better! Spray tans are an artificial way of imparting a sun-kissed glow with the help of glycerin derivatives that form melanoidin. This method prevents the nasty risk of cancer … Read more

Can You Tan On A Cloudy Day? (Consequences)

Can You Tan On A Cloudy Day

A cloudy day with no visible sunlight might seem like the most scenic beauty of nature, perfect for a picnic, but let us tell you a secret. All you sun loungers need to believe that there are still UV rays swimming around you, ready to break your skin’s protective barrier and leave with their reminding … Read more