What To Wear After A Spray Tan? Do’s & Dont’s

What To Wear After A Spray Tan

You are keen to ensure a positive experience as your spray tan appointment draws near. Regular spray tanners know the appropriate clothing and dos and don’ts after a session. For beginners, it’s crucial to understand what to wear before obtaining a spray tan and what to wear to preserve your bronzed skin. These are typical … Read more

Does Spray Tan Come Off In Pool? (Guide)

Does Spray Tan Come Off In Pool

It’s the beginning of summer, and people would love to get their skin tanned to flaunt the bronze goodness. And for that, as you already know, it isn’t necessary that you have to sit in the Sun for long hours to get that natural-looking sun tan. Spray tans have emerged in recent years and have … Read more

11 Best Lotion to Use After Spray Tan 2023

Best Lotion To Use After Spray Tan

Thousands of people aren’t delighted with their skin tone and go for the tanning option to get the desired tone. But you know what, getting tanned isn’t about sitting in the Sun for long hours anymore! You do not have to get exposed to harmful UV rays for hours to get tanned. This is where … Read more

11 Bottega Veneta Sandals Alternatives | Affordable Picks

Bottega Veneta Sandals Dupe

Women have always been obsessed with footwear. That’s one sector where there is enough innovation that you get fresh designs every month. The collections keep changing, and the fashion statements keep getting updated. There are so many brands that manufacture trendy footwear. One of the issues with reputed brands in footwear is that they have … Read more

Can You Tan On A Cloudy Day? (Consequences)

Can You Tan On A Cloudy Day

A cloudy day with no visible sunlight might seem like the most scenic beauty of nature, perfect for a picnic, but let us tell you a secret. All you sun loungers need to believe that there are still UV rays swimming around you, ready to break your skin’s protective barrier and leave with their reminding … Read more