Can You Get Tan Through A Spray Tan? (Guide)

Fake tans have been knocking the ball out of the park with promising effects that will make you forget the beaches. Beauty standards have been evolving, and there are a lot of dos and donts when it comes to tanning. And trust me, the results do not look good if you have neglected all the essential steps and been a bad girl. So what is the trick to preserving that nourished glow? Can You Get Tan Through A Spray Tan? Is it better than burning yourself in the sun, and what about the results are they desirable? Is a spray tan even safe for your skin? We know you are eager to get answers, so let us dive right in!

Can You Get Tan Through A Spray Tan?

Can You Get Tan Through A Spray Tan?

Yes, and yes. We don’t want you to burn your skin with UV rays, so artists innovated an excellent idea of spray tans. This instant way of tanning your skin broke all records on the internet and made people crazy about it. This is mainly because this method to get a fake bake saved both the time and energy of beauty enthusiasts without giving them a sunburn. This creates a sultry bronze shade on the top layer of your epidermis.

However, there is no UV ray protection in this formula. So if you already have your fake tan on, it is suggested to be patient before applying loads of sunscreen. Make sure your spf is water-based, as any oily cream will make your tan into patches – ugly. Also, if you are considering taking the help of a tanning bed, make sure to do it before your spray tan session. 

How Long Does A Spray Tan Last?

We have some tips to share if you want to nurture your glow for a long time. But how long does a spray tan usually last? Can you enhance your spray tan’s longevity? Depending upon your efforts to go darker, specialists have commented that a good tan from  DHA-based tanning products will last you somewhere between 3-10 days without the need to hurry into a salon!

The lighter or base shades will continue to highlight your skin for five days, and the medium tones will present for more than seven to eight days. At the same time, you can enjoy the darker shades for a smooth period of ten days. If you see your tan fading away too soon, you can wait none to twelve days before you decide to respray tan all over your skin! 

Can You Go To The Beach After A Spray Tan?

Yes, you may, but ensure that a solid waterproof sunscreen covers every inch of your delicate skin. Also, limiting your time in the water is better, as the salts can wash off your good tan, making it fade. Don’t rub your skin to dry. Instead, give it warm pats. Also, you can apply reliable moisturizing lotion to strengthen your tan and be worry-less for the rest of your time at the beach! We are feeling like heading out to one this week. Are you free to join us? Do tell!

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