Can You Tan At 6 PM? | How Is It Possible?

Do you know that most people are unhappy with their appearance? And that they look towards tanning as the solution. Tanning is no longer a teen drama, as even adults embrace this beauty ritual by going out of their way. So, why is tanned skin considered attractive? What is the obsession? You will be happy to know that it is scientifically proven that you will feel more confident or finally get that attention from the person you have been seeking if you have a glowing tan running all over your body. And that’s not all. 

Studies show that tanning not only turns the clock back on your skin but also decreases age(metaphorically speaking) and releases endorphins, accentuating your look altogether. But what if we told you there are only specific time crunches in a day that will help you form that ethereal tan? What about the rest of the day? Can You Tan At 6 pm?

Can You Tan At 6 pm?

If you feel like taking a walk on the beach after sunset the next time you step out of the house, there are specific tips you need to remember. If you want to know all about tanning at 6 pm, you will understand that weather conditions and seasons come into play here. If you are in a hot, torrid region, and the summer sun is up in the sky, you will get an outdoor tan quickly at 6 pm.

However, if it’s already winter or snow, you won’t have any luck at this hour. Because let us face it, no one wants to be alone outside in their swimsuits and come back with a cold. So if you are in summer, trying to play it safe, and work your way around getting a tan, you would do that after the maximum intensity of the rays is over, you can reduce the damage tanning causes to your skin. 

Can You Tan At 7 pm?

At last hours of the clock are better and feel soothing. But yes, you can still get a tan at 7 pm. The dusk time is better and allows you to ditch the harsh and direct rays of the sun.

Here, the sun’s rays are light and don’t form melanin, so your tan might be more golden, but it will be there. So when the light’s slowing dying down, you might want to come out to get that dusky, bronze glow. But how much is too much, and how long do you need to be in the sun to get a good tan? The answer is that your geographical region has a say in this. Suppose the light stays up late at your place, even at 7 pm or 8 pm, you will form a tan.

However, it will take a long to start, which means your skin remains exposed to harmful UVA rays. So, the moral of the story is, never forget to tuck in your favorite sunscreen. Yes, even in the evening! 

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