Can You Shave Your Legs After A Spray Tan? (Guide)

All the tan talk and the term ‘spray tan’ not coming up is impossible. So, what exactly is a spray tan? Beauty lovers will know this better! Spray tans are an artificial way of imparting a sun-kissed glow with the help of glycerin derivatives that form melanoidin. This method prevents the nasty risk of cancer or the terrifying exposure to sun rays and pampers your skin in an aesthetically pleasing tan.

Can You Shave Your Legs After A Spray Tan

After you have spent a lot of energy on getting that summer glow, no one would want it ruined by some shaving mistake because you were careless, right? So, what if you Forgot To Shave Before Spray Tan? Can You Shave Your Legs After A Spray Tan? We hate beating around the bush, so let us get on the right to your favorite question! 

Can You Shave Your Legs After A Spray Tan?

We know all of you are big on shaving, but should you do it just after your spray tan regimen? If you want to make the most out of your tan, there are some golden rules you need to swear by. While the tan usually takes 8 to 12 hours to develop nicely, users can also wait 24 hours before they get those blades running on their skin. Now, your usual razor will just not do. It is hugging a lot of dirt you can’t see and has probably gone blunt, so pick out a shiny new blade. 

Do not use shaving foam at all costs because the alcohol or detergent ingredients in it may wash off your tan and the money spent on it away! Use your favorite shower gel instead. You must ensure it does not contain sulfate or switch to a conditioner. Other pointers are to keep your hands lightly and not press hard. Also, don’t shave too often. Brace your body hair like a queen! In simple terms, you can shave your legs before or after a fake tan, but make sure you follow the rules!

Can I Shave 2 Hours Before Spray Tan?

You can, but you shouldn’t. Shaving before your spray tan sesh is usually recommended because you don’t want your skin to look all patchy, covered in hair, or, even worse, pores if you have strawberry legs! This makes the skin velvety smooth and allows the product to sit nicely. And by shave, we also mean exfoliate, exfoliate, and exfoliate. Experts reveal that the best time to shave before your tanning session is the night before the d-day. Tanning specialists say that this allows yoru skin to be healed from razor burns and closes up your pores on time. 

Another alternative is the day of your appointment for the spray tan. If you have your session in the evening, ensure the shaving routine is done in the morning. You can shave an hour early if you don’t have a sensitive or susceptible skin type, but it is usually not advised. This is because the spray tan might agitate your skin, leaving you irritated. 

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