Can You Get A Tan At 5 pm? (Brief Guide)

Do you know that people across the globe are making efforts to get a crisp, sun-kissed tan? And there is a time for everything, including a tan on the list! To achieve this standard form of beauty, you may have to limit your exposure and choose the right time of the day, where everything will work in yoru favor. But there is no escaping from thieves like the harmful rays present in the sun’s spectrum.

Can You Get A Tan At 5 pm?

So, if you and the sun seem to like spending time with each other, you might want to keep the signs of photoaging and fine lines in check and reapply your tanning lotions every once in a while! But can you get a tan when there is no light? Can You Get A Tan At 5 pm?

Can You Get A Tan At 5 pm?

The best time to tan comes in different time slots, and luckily we have got it all laid out for you on a platter! Yes, you can get a tan after 5 pm, but it may not be as effective as you were hoping it to look. After 4 pm, the sun’s intensity tends to lower, and the time to form a tan increases. A lot of people refer to outdoor sunbathing may not a healthy practice because the longer you are exposed to UVA and UVB rays, the more harmful it is for your skin.

This might enhance premature aging or increase other risks. The quicker you make things work for you, the better it will be to sneak in and safely out of the sun’s den. 

Can You Tan In The Evening?

Yes, anyone may get a tan in the evening, especially if their skin is sensitive. This is because the UV rays still lie in the atmosphere as long as there is light. The sun sets at different times in different altitudes and longitudes in different seasons. So if you put the question if you can tan after 8 pm, 7 pm, or 6 pm, the answer will always be yes. You will get a tan if there is light in your environment after dusk. However, you must remember that tanning will occur slower because the sun is present at a very high point in the sky. 

What Time Of The Day Do You Tan The Most?

We are thinking what you are thinking. Is there a best time to tan? Yes, there is, and we have brought it to you after rummaging through a lot of stuff. This depends upon a lot of factors. For example, if you are one a time crunch, and want to get more in less, the best time of the day to tan outside, is when the sun’s rays are the strongest than any other part of the day.

It won’t take much sweat to figure out that 10 a.m. and 4 p.m are the frames where the sun is at its highest. Thereby, your skin will be most vulnerable in this period. So, better layer your sunscreen before the sun catches a glimpse of you

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