Does Spray Tan Come Off In Pool? (Guide)

It’s the beginning of summer, and people would love to get their skin tanned to flaunt the bronze goodness. And for that, as you already know, it isn’t necessary that you have to sit in the Sun for long hours to get that natural-looking sun tan. Spray tans have emerged in recent years and have changed the tanning game. You no longer need to sit in the potentially dangerous tanning beds or for hours in the afternoon Sun. Just spray it off, wait a few hours, and then voila! You have the best natural-looking sun tan! 

Does Spray Tan Come Off In Pool

But what if you decide to dip in the pool after you’ve got a spray tan? Well, the heat does make us want to! But is the constant question of ‘does spray tan come off in pool’ stopping you from entering the pool? Well, worry not. Let’s not ruin our summers and enjoy the vibe while we clear out your queries!

Does Spray Tan Come Off In Pool? 

Well, answering your query, in direct words, no. Spray tan doesn’t come off when you decide to jump into the pool. However, many swimming pools have chemicals, the important one being chlorine, which may lead to a gradual fading of the tan. But it can’t altogether remove the entire spray tan your skin has developed over a few days. There is quite a little science behind it. Let’s have a look at it.

When you apply spray tans, either at home or in salons, that instant, you see a different color compared to the skin color you’ll see the next day. This is because the spray tan is made, so you see two different colors; the water-soluble one is like an extra artificial layer on your skin. When you shower hours after getting a spray tan, this initial and temporary layer gets washed away. Here comes the central science that will keep the spray tan deep-rooted in your skin for days. 

The other color, from a spray tan, is long-lasting, leaving a permanent DHA base. This takes a few hours to develop on your skin, so it is recommended not to take a shower or go into a pool right after you get a spray tan. This color that has developed into your skin does not just wash away with a little dip into the water. But spending a lot of time in water may eventually cause the tan to fade.

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Swimming For A Long Time In The Pool

Spending hours in the water is a solution for people who feel their tans are darker than they wanted. And just like that, spending much time in the water will lighten your tan. Spray tans work by coloring the upper layers of your skin, making them darker. So, logically, as and when these upper layers of your skin flake, with time, they also take the tanned cells with them, thereby lightening or fading the tan.

When you spend much time in the water, your dead skin cells get water under them, and your skin swells with water. This swelling and soaking are often connected with your skin turning wrinkled. Now when these dead skin cells are lifted, they carry away the tan with them. So the more time you spend in the pool, the more chances you have of your tan fading quicker. 

Sometimes you instantly notice the tan getting lightened as you get out of water because the swelling of the skin, because of a lot of water, eventually spreads out the tanned cells. These stretched areas then return to normal after some time, and the tan also gets back gradually.

Measures For Long-Lasting Spray Tan While In Water

Since spray tans will gradually fade away anyway, you must take extra precautionary measures to protect them, so they last longer, especially when you decide to dive into the pool.

  • Initially, exfoliate your skin before you get a spray tan, so your dead skin cells are sloughed away, and the new younger ones are ready to hold and develop the tan for more extended periods.
  • Go with waterproof solid sunscreens as they will protect your skin from damage and partially repel water, thereby protecting your spray tan.
  • Take a shower or rinse off as soon as you get out of the pool, so all the chlorine and other chemicals that have the potential to fade the tan are washed away.

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  • Don’t spend hours in the pool after getting a spray tan or a self-tanner. Try to cut short the time as much as possible, so your tan isn’t discolored.
  • Once you’re out of the shower, do not rub a towel on your skin to dry it; instead, pat gently, so the tan doesn’t fade off.
  • The chemicals in the water can dry out your skin, so moisturizing is the key. Use good moisturizers or self-tanners more often, as they can extend the life cycle of your tan.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long should I shower or go into the pool after a spray tan?

The longer you wait, the better the color develops. However, ensure you do not exceed this time limit by more than 24 hours and try to shower after 6-8 hours of getting a spray tan. After these hours, when you shower, the temporary layer gets washed away, leaving a developed color on your skin.

Will chlorine break down the spray tan?

Chlorinated water may break down your tan. But with extra care and precautionary measures like using the right sunscreen, lotions, and moisturizers and limiting your time in the pool, you can still get the best out of your spray tan.

Closure |Does Spray Tan Come Off In Pool?

Don’t let your worries about spray tans coming off stop you from getting a good swim in the pool. All you have to do is follow some measures so you do not damage or make your tan fade away quickly when in the water. Ensure you wait a reasonable amount of time for your tan to develop before entering a pool. Improper development of the spray tan may, in the initial stages itself, cause the tan to fade quicker than usual, considering you are also in the water. Just take extra care of your skin, moisturize it, and protect your tan for an enjoyable summer!

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