Can You Tan On A Cloudy Day? (Consequences)

A cloudy day with no visible sunlight might seem like the most scenic beauty of nature, perfect for a picnic, but let us tell you a secret. All you sun loungers need to believe that there are still UV rays swimming around you, ready to break your skin’s protective barrier and leave with their reminding mark. While tanning lotions have shaken up the world with their irresistible bling, tan lovers are still hitting sunbaths and tanning beds to get an all-over glow-up. But can you give yourself a tan even when the sun is playing hide and seek? Can You Tan On A Cloudy Day? Let us keep calm and read on!

Can You Tan On A Cloudy Day

Can You Tan On A Cloudy Day?

Yes. However, you might not achieve a perfect tan, but the cloudy day will still crisply bake your skin to some extent. The sole reason for this is that the sun is still there when the sky is covered in clouds, which is why you can see things around you. So yes, a blanket of clouds will not stop your skin from tanning. According to research surveys, 90% of UV rays penetrate clouds and travel to their favorite spot – your skin. So you may not feel the sun on yourself, but mind you, the process of tanning is all set in motion! 

Can You Tan Through Heavy Clouds?

While clear blue skies make tanning seem like an effortless way of the environment kissing your skin, an atmosphere loaded with clouds will also help you on any fine day to achieve that nicely baked skin tone. However, carrying your favorite SPF protection is still essential because your body is at a greater risk of being sunburnt on hazy or cloudy days. On a cloudy day, the light and thin clouds possess different densities, which causes them to scatter all over the sky. This amplifies the UV index of the thicker clouds, which may be dangerous to your skin. 

Can You Tan Through A Window?

It depends. The quality of the glass you have, the strength of the sun’s rays, and the time you spend are all crucial factors in getting a tan. According to the American Cancer Society, you can get a tan through a window if they are made of standard-quality glass. This is because it allows free movement of the harmful UVA rays of the sun. However, this kind of tan takes time to develop, and sitting some mere hours in front of your house window won’t give you a tan, but it will cause minimal damage to your skin. 

Ordinary glass won’t hold off the rays as well as windows painted with a UV filter would do. Commonly, a typical double-glazing window will block out most of the UVB rays (around 97%) and block only 37% of UVA rays. So it is always better to dab on some sunscreen before you hop on the goodness of sunlight from inside your balcony. And by sunscreen, we don’t mean another window! 

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