Can You Get A Tan While Wearing Sunscreen? (Answered)

Winter is coming, and we know the tan department will get busy! Everyone has a thing for the sun at this time of the year! In simple words, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that majority of you are ready to embrace this tan mania, as reports suggest that tanning makes people feel attractive about themselves. Those still in the void of the sun are already looking for ways to ace a foolproof fake tan.

Can You Get A Tan While Wearing Sunscreen

But, the desire to glow like a glazed donut – is common. The sun-kissed shine is no longer just a summer thing, and being a skincare enthusiast, all you lovelies will know better than to miss out on your precious sunscreens. Because you don’t want to enter the beach like a fresh cookie and leave like a burnt cake, right?

So, the question of the hour is, will your sunscreen block all the harmful rays of the sun and prevent you from getting an ethereal tan? Or is there any way around it? Moving on, Can You Get A Tan While Wearing Sunscreen? We have all the scoop you need! 

Can You Get A Tan While Wearing Sunscreen?

This question has been around as one of the most popular skincare myths people believe in, and the answer is yes, you can still get a tan while wearing sunscreen. The body is exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays, and as a natural reflex, it will form a sheet of tan to preserve the skin’s protective barrier. Even when you are drenched in sunscreen, the rays still touch you, and you will get a tan. However, it all comes down to the SPF game.

Sun Protection Factor is all the rage, and people like having more of this holy grail. This is because the more the SPF, more is the more protection. This protects your skin from falling prey to wrinkles, premature aging, sunburns, dark spots, and increased cancer risk. So it is essential to wear a good sunscreen with broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. 

Can You Tan With Sunscreen SPF 50?

Yes, the ideal SPF exists and bears the number 50 in it! This specific number of protection means that your skin will take 50 times longer to burn or get a tan than without sunscreen. Only 2% of the harmful UV rays can penetrate the skin, while 98% of the damage gets blocked when sunscreen is infused with SPF 50. This is how your skin gets a tan even while wearing a high spf, which is no rocket science. So, if you want to prevent all the baked skin drama, put an alarm, and reapply every two hours! 

Can You Tan With Sunscreen SPF 30?

Yes, you can! But you get to control how to tan your skin gets. Wearing sun protection of SPF 30 ensures that  97% of UVB rays are blocked and sent back where they belong, which is far away from yoru skin. According to reliable sources, sunscreen stops most danger, and only 3% of the UVB rays can enter. So if you are looking to boost radiance, we suggest you get all the tips and tricks and keep your beauty wagon ready! 

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